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What Is Crystal Healing? Here Are 5 Tips On How To Get Started

When you see a semi-precious stone, you may be reminded of those cool people who meditate and travel around the world looking for yoga retreats. The truth is, the use of healing crystals is not restricted to these people anymore. The use of crystals has risen in popularity in the last few years, appearing all over social media, in yoga studios, and even on your mom’s desk. 

But why have these stones become so popular? When we feel nervous, anxious, or uncertain, most of us look for ways to calm down and balance our emotions, and this is when healing crystals come into play. These are instruments that can aid you in healing, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too. While they are not mystical tools that will magically fix your problems, they can help you channel your inner energy and transform your life little by little. Let’s uncover what crystal healing really is and 5 tips on how to get started.

What Are Healing Crystals?

When we talk about health and well-being, there are many aspects to consider in addition to traditional treatments. One example is using healing stones or crystals for spiritual wellness (1). Crystals are believed to conduct the healing energy of the earth and elements, emitting positive and calming vibrations that have an array of effects on your mind and spirit. While there’s no medical research to date that proves the medical benefits of crystals, the placebo effect is real and has a healing effect on people who use energy therapy (2). 

So, what is crystal healing? This is an alternative practice that uses semi-precious stones (such as quartz or obsidian) to cope with everything from anxiety or nervousness and balancing your emotions, to eliminating negative energy and overall wellness. 

Today, healing stones are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are open to all the potential benefits that crystal therapy can bring. These stones are usually aligned with your chakras - the 7 different centers of energy connected to your body and emotions. 

Balancing your chakras can be great for your complete wellbeing and healing crystals can act as a powerful tool alongside this practice. As an example, opening your sacral chakra (located in your lower abdomen) helps you connect with others and brings about creativity and joy. For this, you can use semi-precious stones like fire opal and citrine. 

The Best Healing Crystals for Beginners

If you would like to give crystal healing a try but feel overwhelmed by the number of stones available, don’t worry: we can help! Stones will treat different ailments depending on their nature. They can even be worn as jewelry! Crystals can also be put in your home to create a cozy atmosphere, or you can carry them with you in your pocket or handbag. 

For example, if you are feeling insecure and want to regain confidence, black onyx can help you feel strong and in control. Similarly, quartz is a brilliant option if you need stability and focus. Keep reading and discover more about some common crystals that can help you take control of common ailments! 


  • Clear Quartz. If you are about to make an important life choice and need to have clarity to make this decision, clear quartz is your healing stone for sure. This is the most recognised type of crystal and is naturally made of silicon dioxide. Keep it near to promote a clear, happy, healthy mind!   
  • Amethyst. Amethysts can bring about countless benefits in your life, as they absorb negative energy and make you feel renewed. Experts in crystal healing claim it can open your third eye and support wisdom and knowledge! Carry amethysts with you or use it when meditating to enhance this stone’s positive effects on your wellbeing. 
  • Moonstone. The beautiful Moonstone is great for alleviating stress and can help aid in digestion. It’s a supportive crystal that will help you balance your emotions and focus on the task at hand. Combine it with the Complete Gut Detoxification System and flush away gas and toxins in your gut for a clear and healthy new beginning.
  • Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline can be your best ally if you are looking for an extra layer of protection against negative vibes. It is helpful for creating a positive space (be it at your home, office, room, or workspace). Simply place it near the entrance or disperse them in different places inside the building. You can also place this stone between you and a particularly negative person. For extra protection and a positivity boost, keep one on your desk. 
  • Black Obsidian. Those looking to bring more calmness and happiness into their lives should resort to black obsidian. Formed by cooled volcanic lava, this beautiful stone promotes clear energy and hope. If you know you’re going to have an emotionally turbulent day it is wise to keep your black obsidian at hand.  
  • Citrine. Citrine is a yellowish variant of quartz that can be found all around the world and is known for being the stone of success. In crystal therapy, it can be used to enhance your chances at happiness and prosperity, as it brings about positive vibes and helps you feel confident and powerful. As this healing stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, it’s a brilliant choice to use when meditating or channeling professional intent.
  • Rose Quartz. As its name shows, this healing stone is a pink variety of quartz found mainly in India, Madagascar, and Brazil. Rose quartz is known for being the stone of undying love and passion. In addition to nurturing your capacity to fall in love and care for others, rose quartz is a brilliant tool to learn to love and accept yourself. 

How to Use Your Healing Crystals: 5 Tips to Get Started

The first step in learning how to use your healing crystals is to identify your intention. Are you anxious because you are moving abroad? Have you just ended a long relationship and feel devastated? Are you making a career change and you are nervous about it? Reflect upon your current situation and pinpoint the issue that troubles you the most. After choosing a stone that can help you deal with that issue, there comes the time to start using crystal energy to feel better. Here are 5 tips to get started with this amazing energy journey.


  • Find the Perfect Stone for Your Problem

  • In case you are not sure how to choose the most suitable stone for you, why not immerse yourself in a crystal shop and use your intuition to make the decision? Take a step back and try to find the one that’s calling you. Try to see if any of them calls your attention before making the choice. 

    If you use our short guide above to guide you when choosing, take your time identifying your problem and choose the stone you believe is going to help you at the moment. Those who feel stressed out and have trouble sleeping, for example, can benefit from using the healing energy of amethyst. (If this sounds like you, you can complement our Deep Sleep Mode treatment with crystal power!)


    When choosing a stone, spend time with them, feel them in your hands, and choose the stone that feels the best to you. Ask questions and do research to explore what other qualities these healing stones have and how you can take advantage of the benefits of energy healing.

  • Set an Intention

    Crystal healing is all about energy, so the first thing you need to do for it to work is to program your stones with an intention and focus on your goal. One way to do this is to hold your crystal in your hands, take deep breaths and try to connect with it. It may sound silly, but ask the stone to hold your intention. Be as specific as possible and visualize your end result. 

    Charging your crystals is important. There are a number of ways to do this but we encourage you to do so with natural energy. The easiest way to charge your crystals is by placing them in direct sun or moonlight for a couple of hours.


  • Spend Time With Your Stones

  • Training your stones is also important. The more time you spend with your stones, the more you’ll be exposed to their healing energy. Thus, carrying it with you or placing them under your pillow is a brilliant idea. Not only because you’ll be in contact with your crystals a lot more than if they were sitting on your desk but also because you can get a hold of your stones whenever you need them.  

    Maybe you are walking down the street and feel a surge of anxiety for an important exam you need to take soon. This is the perfect time to grab the clear quartz you carry in your pocket, think about your problem with intention, and get rid of those negative feelings that can pop up unexpectedly.  


  • Decide When and How to Use Them

  • You can wear your crystals in many ways (in your clothes or as jewellery, for example). If wearing them is not your thing, you can just carry them in your pocket, handbag, or put them on your desk. 

    Another option is to use your crystals for meditation when it’s part of your self-care routine. Find a suitable place at home or outside and add the stone to your practice. If you need to cleanse the stone before starting, you can pass it through incense, expose it to the moon or sunlight in advance, use moon water, or bury it in a bowl of rice or salt.


  • Create a Crystal Grid

  • As you can imagine, a group of crystals can be much more powerful than one stone alone. And arranging them into a sacred geometrical form or grid magnifies their energy even more! There are many shapes to choose from (infinity loops, circles, a labyrinth, the seed of life): just pick the one that resonates with you. In case you are having trouble following the lines to form the shape, you can print it out or use pieces of cloth to guide your efforts. Some crystal shops even sell grids to help guide you in this practice. Shop gurus can also guide you on which stones work best together if you have a specific intention.

    Start Healing With Crystal Energy

    Once you understand the basics of crystal healing, you will see how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily routine. Find your perfect stone, set your intention, and use it during meditation to improve your health and find the best possible version of yourself. Together with natural treatments like the Complete Happy New You System, crystals will help you enjoy your life 24/7.

    If today you want to ask for a raise and need to feel particularly confident, you can grab your citrine and keep it close. With a little help from your crystal, you’ll feel more powerful than ever and move confidently toward that raise you deserve! 

    Complement your routine with crystal energy and soon you will notice a difference in your well-being. All in all, regardless of your problem, there’s a crystal out there to help you and support you every step of the way.

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