How To Give Compliments That Empower Others

Stop and remember the last time that you were complimented. There is no doubt that when a compliment is received, it brightens your day, but have you ever received a compliment that made you want to do more? Today on my afternoon walk, I ran into a friend who offered me a compliment that stopped me in my tracks. She said “I just wanted to let you know that I learn a lot from your Instagram stories. I really appreciate all of the information that you share. I tell my friends to follow you because you are always teaching in a mindful way.” 

This wasn’t a complicated compliment but it was different from compliments I have received in the past. It was intentional, came from a place of vulnerability, and left me feeling like she was listening. Now, more than ever, it is important to be empowering and uplifting others. Here are some tips on how to offer compliments that will stop your friends in their tracks and leave them feeling like the badass that they are:


When it comes to giving compliments to people who you care about, pay attention to what they value. Noticing that they have changed their style, started a new job, or have been smashing their workouts can go a long way! Offer compliments that reflect the things that they put effort into to show that you are listening.

Be Honest:

The best compliment you can give comes from the heart. Be honest if your friend has impacted you positively and let them know exactly how! Try calling attention to challenges that they are facing and how you respect their resilience. Tell them how they make you want to improve in a specific way.

Be Vulnerable:

Vulnerability. It is terrifying at times, but when leveraged properly, it can be your most powerful tool. Allowing your friends insight if they helped you through a vulnerable time can be the greatest compliment you can give. Try starting with the phrase, “You really helped me when…”

Let them know that they are your person:

Admitting that you are able to trust someone with personal information is a huge compliment. If you have a friend who knows your deepest secrets, let them know that you feel comfortable and safe with them.

Sometimes offering intentional compliments can feel like a challenge. But don’t be afraid to give it a try. Start with your closest friends or a trusted family member. Let them know how and why you appreciate the impact that they have on your life. Having relationships where both parties work to empower and uplift one another are healthy, valuable, and rare! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go and make someone’s day today through intentional empowerment!

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