The Complete Hormone Synergy System

Hormonal imbalance. We have all heard of it and many of us are impacted by it daily. For some time, women accepted the fact that they would be subjected to dealing with the ups and downs associated with hormonal changes. We have all been subjected to seeing a woman in our lives doubled over with cramps or a hot flash. The symptoms of a hormonal imbalance can be debilitating, leaving you stressed, tired, tossing and turning, and feeling absolutely nuts-o. Do we have a surprise for you? You betcha. Did you know that you can take back control of your life and body naturally? You can combat both aging and the symptoms of hormonal imbalance easily through our Complete Hormone Synergy System!

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What Is The Complete Hormone Synergy System?

The Complete Hormone Synergy System is made up of the following three core products: 

  • Prebiotic Collagen Protein is worshiped for the ability to improve skin texture and aid in nail strength. But, did you know that it also helps joints, bones, and muscles maintain structure? I bet you had no idea that the prebiotics in our formula can help with weight loss too, by turning dietary intake into energy instead of promoting storage in the form of fat!
  • Deep Sleep Mode can help women get 7+ hours of deep, rejuvenating sleep 100% naturally even during the worst hormonal changes. Deep Sleep Mode not only helps women fall asleep faster, but it also helps maintain a deep state of calm and relaxation all through the night. I bet you are wondering if this sleep aid makes you groggy - nope! This sleep aid is designed to leave you feeling recharged, focused, and energized in the morning. That’s right, energized!
  • Hormone Harmony helps target and naturally correct hormonal imbalances— including Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, and Prolactin imbalances. The specific blend of ingredients is shown to work for women at all different stages of their lives as it adapts to their unique problems. Think of this as a hormone supplement that fills in the gaps making sure that your hormone scale is perfectly balanced.

Each of these products can be used on its own, but we find that when used together, they are the perfect natural hormone balancing package. You can add these into your daily routine with minimal effort helping you to achieve happiness and balance. 

How Do I Take The Complete Hormone Synergy System?

Taking back control of your body and life does not have to be complicated. In fact, it has never been easier. Here is how you take the Complete Hormone Synergy System, simple as 1, 2, 3:

First thing in the morning:

Take your Hormone Harmony capsules with a glass of water before eating.

With breakfast or lunch:

Mix 1 scoop of Prebiotic Collagen Protein in a drink of choice. I, for example, love to use this as a creamer alternative in my coffee!

One hour before bedtime:

Mix 1 scoop of Deep Sleep Mode in a glass of warm water or your favorite milk alternative. We also recommend avoiding screens before bedtime.

Your Hormone Synergy routine is now done! It only takes a few minutes every day!

What is a Hormone Imbalance?

Hormones are natural chemicals that actually help to send messages to the organs in your body, helping them to understand how and when to function. Hormones are responsible for most of your body’s functions which mean that unfortunately when they are out of whack, you really feel it! Blah! 

Some of the most noticeable and common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include weight gain, disrupted sleep, brain fog, stress and mood issues, excessive sweating, fatigue, bloating, appetite changes, depression...we could go on for days! 

Hormone imbalances are normal and most women will experience them. Natural hormone imbalances occur when you are pregnant, nursing, during your menstrual cycle, puberty, PCOS, some cancers, and of course, menopause. Medical disorders and medications can also throw your hormones for a loop. Always remember that before starting any new supplement, you need to check with your physician to ensure that it won’t interfere with your medications or medical ailments. There are also environmental causes of hormone imbalance, like pesticides on your produce. Yeeesh, it feels like there is no escaping a hormonal imbalance, am I right?

Today, many women opt for hormone replacement therapies that have atrocious side effects in an effort to just try to regain some sense of normal. This is especially common for women who are suffering from menopause. Fortunately for you, this is not your only option. You can take back control naturally by simply choosing to use The Complete Hormone Synergy System. Thousands of women are combating the symptoms of hormone imbalance as this system is designed to gently balance and rejuvenate your entire body. 

You Don’t Have to Suffer

As you go through the natural changes that occur as a result of being female, remember that you do not have to suffer. Whether you are looking to control period symptoms, combat menopause, or are struggling with something personal, The Complete Hormone Synergy System can help you find balance and peace. It takes little to no effort to incorporate this into your routine. You might be like me and find that you love waking up to a tasty collagen coffee and settling in at night with a nice warm cup of deep sleep mode. Not only can this package help with your imbalance but the practice of taking control of your health naturally is truly invigorating.

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