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Yes! These 5 Women Got Rid of Hot Flashes—Naturally

If you are approaching menopause, then chances are you are suffering from annoying hot flashes. These waves of heat can crop up day and night and without an apparent cause, leaving you drenched in sweat. While hot flashes are brief, they can make you feel deeply uncomfortable and affect your quality of life, particularly if you find yourself unable to sleep well because of them.

The good news is that your health and wellbeing don’t have to plummet together with your hormones! By taking natural supplements, you can manage your night sweats and other menopause symptoms without compromising your health or dealing with dangerous side effects. Sounds interesting? Have a look at the story of these 5 women who got rid of hot flashes naturally and regained their old happy selves!

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#1 - Balance Your Hormones and Reduce Your Hot Flashes by 6x

#2 - “No Nausea, No Hot Flushes, and My Skin Looks Healthy and Younger”

#3 - Page Left Dane’s Inferno Thanks to a Life Saving Solution

#4 - The Perfect Complement to Have 7x Fewer Hot Flashes

#5 - The Solution for Hot Flashes That Doesn't Just 'Talk the Talk', but Also 'Walks the Walk'

#1 - Balance Your Hormones and Reduce Your Hot Flashes by 6x

Hot flashes are dreaded by every woman approaching menopause, as they can disrupt your days and prevent you from sleeping at night. These are bursts of heat that will leave you drenched in sweat and can last from 30 seconds to several minutes. This feeling is most intense in your upper body, especially your face and neck.

While it’s not exactly understood how or why they appear, specialists concur that hot flashes take place due to hormonal changes during menopause and perimenopause (1). And even if they are difficult to manage, you don’t have to let hot flashes affect your quality of life. Instead, you can start taking natural supplements like our Hormone Harmony and experience a reduction in this and other menopause symptoms (or even do away with them for good!).

One of our happy customers, Amy F., claims:


I've been having severe hot flashes, but after taking Hormone Harmony for about 3 weeks they aren't gone, but I'm down to about 4 a night instead of one every hour. This is a great improvement! My libido has improved as well.

Amy F.

How does our Hormone Harmony help? Well, it contains a blend of powerful natural ingredients that bring about menopause relief, such as chasteberry. This is a herbal supplement known for balancing estrogen and progesterone (2), in this way improving night sweats, breast pain, and depression, among other menopausal symptoms (3). Just make sure to consult your doctor before starting with our Hormone Harmony, especially if you are receiving hormone replacement therapy.

#2 - “No Nausea, No Hot Flushes, and My Skin Looks Healthy and Younger”

Your shifting oestrogen levels during perimenopause can affect many aspects of your physical and mental health. Some of the most common symptoms include:
  • Irritability and mood swings,
  • Depression,
  • Hot flashes,
  • Skin rashes,
  • Vaginal dryness,
  • Low libido,
  • Vaginal infections,
  • And gut dysbiosis.

What does this last term mean? Gut dysbiosis refers to a disruption in the delicate balance of your microbiome. There’s a collection of microbes called strobolome located in your gut that metabolise oestrogen and keep its levels well balanced. But if you suffer from gut dysbiosis, then this capacity becomes altered and you may end up with lower levels of oestrogen than you need, making your risk of suffering from hot flashes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases much higher (4).

Luckily, prebiotics and probiotics can help you restore balance to your estrobolome and eliminate disrupting symptoms like hot flashes. So, in addition to helping you heal your gut, our Prebiotic Collagen Protein can help you your manage menopause signs. Let’s take a look at what Annie M. has to say after taking our supplements:

I was sick of feeling unwell and based my purchase on other reviews and thought I have nothing to lose, seriously the best decision I have made, this is like gold to me, it has made me feel better than I thought possible in 3 weeks, no nausea, no hot flushes, and my skin looks healthy and younger, it does everything people claim and more, I love it!!! 💜😁

Annie M.

#3 - Paige Left Dane’s Inferno Thanks to a Life Saving Solution

Similar to Amy, Paige R. has also had a great experience with our Hormone Harmony:

As I creep ever closer to 50, finding graceful ways to combat aging has become something of my holy grail. When my hot flashes started this summer, Dante's Inferno and those descriptions in the book from AP English took on new meanings. Finding this product has been a lifesaver...mine and random strangers!! I still have hot flashes, but they are fewer and so much more bearable. It's more like walking to my car in a MS summer, which I've done my entire life, so yeah, manageable. About to order my next few months worth!

Paige R.

With just a few pills per day, our Hormone Harmony can help you regain control over your hormones—and your health! Our natural formula supports hormone balance for women of all ages, helping you manage signs like sugar cravings, weight gain, irritability and—you guessed it—hot flashes, thanks to its adaptogenic Smart Extracts.

These are 12 of the most powerful adaptogenic plants, like Rhodiola or Chaste Tree Berry, that can help your body reach complete balance by adapting to any hormonal changes with ease. Just take 4 capsules with a glass of water before breakfast and go about your day enjoying its amazing effects.

  • #4 - The Perfect Complement to Have 7x Fewer Hot Flashes

  • Hot flashes can affect your life in a myriad of ways, both day and night. In the words of Heather O.:

    The most uncomfortable symptom of perimenopause for me is the hot flashes! SO MANY HOT FLASHES, all day and night, every day! Not anymore! After just a few days taking Hormone Harmony and Hormone Harmony PLUS, the frequency of the hot flashes decreased. I went from having roughly 30 a day to only 4-5

    Heather O.

    Heather took our Hormone Harmony together with our Hormone Harmony PLUS, which supports better overall health and helps combat vitamin deficiencies. Among the many powerful natural components of our Hormone Harmony PLUS you can find Vitamin D, which is useful when protecting postmenopausal women against Metabolic Syndrome (a condition that raises the risk of suffering from heart disease and stroke) (5).

    And the bad news is that most people are not getting enough vitamin D, even if they think they do (6). While you can get vitamin D from foods like cheese, egg yolks and fatty fish, many times you’ll need some kind of supplement to help you reach healthy levels of vitamin D. This is when our Hormone Harmony PLUS comes to the rescue!

    Mix the powder together with your favourite milk at any time of the day and soon you’ll notice an improvement not only in your hot flashes but also in other menopause symptoms.

      #5 - The Solution for Hot Flashes That Doesn't Just 'Talk the Talk', but Also 'Walks the Walk'

        Not only supplements strictly related to hormones can help you feel better and do away with hot flashes. There are others, like our Probiotic Power Greens, which can help you regulate your body temperature during menopause by supporting your gut’s microbiome (7). Lactobacillus acidophilus, in particular, has shown to alleviate menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, and vaginal dryness (8).

        Sasha D., for example, talks about her experience with our supplements and hot flashes:

        Almost instantly, the Probiotic Power Greens have made such an impact. I'm having less bloating issues, more energy and less hot flashes. I'm so skeptical about the 'health industry' but am over the moon to be able to say that this Happy Mammoth product doesn't just 'talk the talk', it also 'walks the walk' and I've already ordered my next tub! Can't thank you enough

        Sasha D.

        How can you take our Probiotic Power Greens and do away with hot flashes for good, like Sasha D.? We recommend that you take 1 scoop of this supplement first thing in the morning, mixed with smoothies, filtered water, or your favourite milk. In addition to helping you with your hot flashes, it can increase your feeling of satiety and stop sugar cravings, successfully helping you manage excess weight.

        Take back control of your hormones and heal your gut to manage your hot flashes in the simplest, quickest way! Our supplements like Hormone Harmony or Probiotic Power Greens can help you sleep better and get through the day without discomfort by taking a couple of pills or mixing the powder with your favourite drink each morning.

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