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Aquamin F for Women: 5 Science-Backed Full-Body Benefits of this Super Ingredient!

Vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, minerals, fibre… our bodies need a great number of nutrients to function correctly, and it can be hard to get an optimal balance of everything you need to stay healthy. 

Many people suffer from health problems that hinder nutrient absorption without knowing so, and this can affect their digestive system, brain development, feelings, and even hair health. Even if that’s not your case, you’ll still need to have a very balanced diet to make sure you don’t end up suffering from any kind of nutritional deficiency. This is when health supplements and multivitamin formulas come to the rescue. 

One of the many super ingredients that can help you stay healthy is Aquamin F. This is a derivative of seaweed grown in Iceland which is highly nutritious and contains over 72 trace marine minerals that can take your health to the next level. Curious about how Aquamin F can help you look and feel better? Read on and discover all the amazing benefits of Aquamin F, especially for women!

What’s Aquamin F and Why Should You Take It?

Aquamin F is a unique product derived 100% from seaweed off the coast of Iceland, typically used in health supplements due to its amazing nutritional properties. Neutral-tasting and easily processed by the human body, Aquamin F contains a great number of minerals it absorbs from the surrounding seawater, which makes it the perfect complement to your healthy diet. 

Originally used as a natural fertiliser, Lithothamnion Calcareum (the scientific name of Aquamin) proved to improve livestock health unexpectedly. Soon, it started to be investigated for applications in human health. Today, it is harvested under the strictest guidelines for sustainability. So, by taking Aquamin F, you’ll be environmentally responsible and help the planet at the same time. 

Why should you take this seemingly miraculous seaweed? And how can it improve your health? For starters, it contains calcium and magnesium, two minerals that keep muscles and bones strong, improve your brain health, allow for the production of enzymes, and overall keep you healthy and happy. Aquamin F also contains great amounts of iron and over 70 trace minerals that can help you look and feel your best. Clinical study data shows its benefits not only for gut health and inflammation but also for your hair, bones, joints, blood, and overall well being. 

#1 - The Nutritional Value of Seaweed

Seaweed (and Aquamin F as a result) is rich in health-promoting chemicals and nutrients (0), such as: 

  • Dietary fibre, which lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, bowel cancer, and even diabetes. Having enough dietary fibre is also beneficial for your gut health, helping to reduce inflammation and constipation. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, which help you lower your blood’s level of triglycerides, curb inflammation of veins and arteries, improve eye health, and can even help you fight depression and anxiety.
  • Essential amino acids, which are crucial for muscle development and movement. They are essential for feeling less fatigue and boosting your appetite in case you need it.
  • Vitamin A, essential for the reproductive and immune systems to function correctly. Also, vitamin A promotes heart, lung, and kidney overall health. 
  • Vitamin B has a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and overall metabolism. It has even been linked to a lower incidence of stroke and heart problems. 
  • Vitamin C protects your cells and keeps them healthy, especially when it comes to your skin, bones, cartilage, hair, and blood vessels. It’s also a natural antioxidant, so it contributes to keeping you young and healthy. 
  • Vitamin E, which helps to maintain your skin and eyes healthy while boosting your immune system and brain connections with the rest of your organs.  

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t end there! Aquamin F can also provide you with additional nutrients, like: 

  • Calcium, which plays a vital role in your body’s main functions. This substance is necessary for the correct circulation of blood, muscle movement, production of hormones, and many other vital processes. It’s also well-known for being a major part of your teeth and bones, making them strong and dense. But did you know it is also essential for hair health? Calcium deficiency has been linked by research with thinning and hair loss, so keeping good levels of this substance is crucial for keeping your hair abundant and shiny (1). Also, our bodies don’t produce calcium, so we have to rely on a nutritious diet to avoid health problems associated with calcium deficiencies. 
  • Magnesium. Every cell in our bodies has magnesium. This mineral is involved in many essential reactions, such as creating energy, regulating your nervous system, forming proteins, and promoting hair growth. Sadly, many studies suggest that almost 50% of people in the USA and Europe do not get as much magnesium as they need to stay healthy (2), so including Aquamin F into your diet will surely bring about countless health benefits for you. 
  • Iron, which is another crucial nutrient to stay healthy and full of energy. The lack of iron in your blood is called anaemia and can cause tiredness, lack of concentration, and even fainting. 

#2 - Hair Health 

Consuming Aquamin F can be your hair health secret weapon. Shiny, abundant hair is the result of a healthy scalp, strong follicles, and well-functioning sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, many factors can make your hair look dull, lifeless, without volume and end up in thinning and hair loss. Some of these factors include using incorrect beauty products, too many heat treatments, having a deficient diet, and even hormone imbalances. Fortunately, there are tried-and-proven ways to get the happy, healthy hair you deserve. Taking Aquamin F is one of them. 

This seaweed derivative has proven to be beneficial for women who suffer from hair loss as a result of hormone imbalances (3). During menopause, for example, women produce less progesterone and oestrogen, two hormones that promote rapid hair growth. As a result, the production of hair slows down and hair loss speeds up. Luckily, the nutrients present in Aquamin can help you stop this process and even strengthen your hair so it looks shiny and abundant as always.  

And menopause is not the only period when we can lose hair. During pregnancy or any other situation that causes hormone fluctuations, our bodies quickly lose calcium and magnesium, which have been associated with hair health. As mentioned above, Aquamin F is rich in these two minerals which keep your follicles healthy and strong.

Let’s not forget about Aquamin F’s digestive benefits. This nutritious seaweed derivative improves nutrient absorption, meaning that more minerals, vitamins, and proteins enter your system after you eat your food. How does this relate to your hair, you may wonder? Well, specialists discovered that nutrient deficiencies are a top trigger for hair thinning and, ultimately, hair loss. 

For example, iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair thinning (4). Iron is one of the main components of hemoglobin, a part of your red cells that carries oxygen throughout your body. If you don’t have enough iron, oxygen cannot reach your organs and tissues correctly, resulting in fatigue, brittle nails, and hair loss, among other symptoms.

#3 - Inflammation and Gut Health

That too-full feeling you get after eating might not be from having too much food but because you suffer from certain health conditions, such as chronic gut inflammation. Luckily, thanks to its calcium and trace minerals, Aquamin F works to support your gut microbiota and enhance digestive health in a number of ways. 

First, Aquamin F acts as a mineral prebiotic, as it is used by the microorganisms that live in your intestines to become stronger, supporting a balanced gut microflora. Also, this seaweed derivative contains magnesium, which plays an important role in enzyme activity (the process by which enzymes process food in your digestive organs). Magnesium deficiency can cause bloating and inflammation, among other gut problems. If this sounds like you, then taking supplements containing Aquamin F can be of help.

Other benefits of Aquamin F for your gut (5) include: 

  • Reducing inflammation in your digestive tract,
  • Protecting your liver from a high-fat diet,
  • Preventing polyp formation,
  • Maintaining a healthier stomach wall. 

#4 - Bone Health 

Rich in magnesium, Aquamin F also promotes bone health and is helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis (a disease that causes your bones to weaken), which is particularly relevant if you are going through menopause. Research shows that almost 1 in 10 women aged 60 or more suffers from osteoporosis worldwide.  

Osteoporosis becomes common in women during menopause because the reduced production of oestrogen that takes place during this period in life puts women at risk of suffering from bone mass loss. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of painful fractures, even without an apparent cause. The bones in your hip, spine, and wrists are especially prone to fragility and fracture.  

If you want to reduce your risk of suffering from osteoporosis, you should consider that Aquamin F contains over 30% elemental calcium plus a complement of potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and silica - all substances involved in bone health. Taking Aquamin F, can help you preserve bone structure and strength, and preserve mineral density, while aiding in the maturation of bone cells. 

Additionally, research shows that Aquamin F has been effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness (6), increasing your mobility, flexibility, and overall improving your quality of life.  

#5 - Mineral benefits 

According to the Center for Disease Control (7), almost 10% of Americans suffer from some kind of nutrition deficiencies, which vary by age, gender, and other factors. 

Some examples of the most common mineral deficiencies include:

  • Iodine deficiency, which affects the correct functioning of your thyroid gland. This can have a negative impact on brain development, bone growth, and metabolic rate.
  • Potassium deficiency is a serious condition that affects the proper functioning of your muscles. It can also lower your blood pressure and affect the way your heart beats. 
  • Copper deficiency, which is common in people with celiac disease. Its symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for anaemia, as it causes muscle weakness, neurological issues, and paleness, among other signs. 

  • In addition to having a lot of calcium, iron, magnesium, and other nutrients that can help you with menopause symptoms and other issues, Aquamin F contains over 70 mineral trace elements that can do away with any potential deficiencies you may have. 

    Improve Your Health With Aquamin F

    All in all, Aquamin F is the perfect complement for your healthy diet, daily exercise, and beauty routine. First off, it will help you improve your microbiome, boosting your gut health and reducing inflammation. Plus, you’ll soon see benefits in your bones, blood, and hair health due to the abundance of calcium, magnesium, and iron you can find in Aquamin F. 

    If you are interested in taking Aquamin F and start experiencing all the incredible benefits it can bring about for your body, stay tuned! We have something special on the way. Meanwhile, you can take our FREE Comprehensive Hair Quiz today to learn more about your health and body and discover how to reclaim the best version of yourself.

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