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Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine

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  • Helps balance gut bacteria to support healthy weight loss
  • Proven to help reduce leaky gut symptoms significantly
  • Supports the elimination of sugar and food cravings
  • Promotes digestive relief from bloating, gas, and pain
  • Helps seal cracks, leaks and fissures in the gut lining
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  • Helps balance gut bacteria to support healthy weight loss
  • Proven to help reduce leaky gut symptoms significantly
  • Supports the elimination of sugar and food cravings
  • Promotes digestive relief from bloating, gas, and pain
  • Helps seal cracks, leaks and fissures in the gut lining

Helps Alleviate Leaky Gut Symptoms

L-Glutamine has been proven to seal cracks, holes and fissures in the gut lining that lead to bloating, gas, discomfort, pain, reflux, food intolerances, constipation and loose stools.

Supports The Elimination Of Sugar Cravings

L-Glutamine can have a stabilising effect on blood sugar levels and may create a ‘glucose equalising effect’ in the body. This could reduce unhealthy cravings for sugary foods or drinks.


Promotes Easier And Healthier Weight Loss

L-Glutamine can correct bacterial imbalances of Firmicutes that extract more calories from food, causing excessive fat storage. This correction could trigger healthy, steady weight loss.

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The Health Benefits Of Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine

What It Does and How It Does It

Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine is a plant-based, pure and ultra-fine form of L-Glutamine. It’s specifically formulated for women with gut problems so it can be easily absorbed into the gut lining for faster healing.

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid present in your system. It makes up between 30% and 35% of the amino acid nitrogen you find in your bloodstream. This abundance earned it the title of a “conditionally essential” amino acid.

L-Glutamine has been shown by 217 scientific studies to seal cracks, holes and fissures caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome

Additionally, clinical research labs are now showing that L-Glutamine can help non-dieting women lose weight, increase muscle mass, overcome bacterial overgrowths and reduce sugar cravings.

It supports metabolic processes, as well as the muscular system. It’s also great for repairing damage due to oxidative stress, trauma or injuries, and returning muscles to higher performance levels.

* Easy to understand summarised scientific studies *

The Science Behind The Ingredients In Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine

Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine promotes rapid cell regeneration to start restoring the gut lining (within 30 days or less). It can enable the gut cells (enterocytes) to regenerate at faster levels which seal the tight junctions in the gut and can restore the gut lining to a healthy state faster.

L-Glutamine may reverse the nutrient deficiency and malabsorption caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome that can trigger hair loss or thinning. Once the body starts assimilating all the important minerals from food, the hair can go back to its natural thick state within 30-60 days.

L-Glutamine can help eliminate the chronic digestive problems that lower the quality of life such as bloating, gut pain, discomfort, gas, wind, belching, acid reflux, constipation, and loose stools.

Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine can increase resilience against food sensitivities that make daily meals difficult to tolerate. This supports the reintroduction of foods or ingredients that may now be avoided.

Inflammation and cellular damage have been identified as “hallmarks” of a leaky gut. Recent scientific evidence shows that system-wide inflammation levels may be significantly lower in people who take L-Glutamine than in those who do not take it.

The science confirms—those with IBS have 38% lower levels of L-Glutamine in their bodies compared to those that do not have IBS. This means that taking L-Glutamine could eliminate the digestive discomfort and symptoms associated with this syndrome.

Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine has been shown to protect the gut lining from further damage and help balance out mucosal production in the gut. This can eliminate diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and painful gas.

L-Glutamine helps normalise the inflammation linked to depressive and anxious thoughts by helping heal the gut that stores upwards of 79% of the body’s serotonin—the happiness molecule.

Pioneering World-Leading Quality Standards & Testing

Gut Friendly Certified

Know with absolute confidence that Ultra Absorb L-Glutammine is free from the established 69 known gut irritants.

Heavy Metal Tested

Know with absolute confidence all ingredients have been examined for Heavy Metals using world class testing methods.

100% Natural Product

Free from artificial fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, binding agents and other additives your body doesn’t need...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this product?

Depending on the type of issue you need to solve, you can take our Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine in different ways, namely:

To Deal With Leaky Gut, IBS and Other Digestive Symptoms: Mix 5 gr of formula (approximately one scoop) 200-300 ml of water (or as directed by your healthcare professional). Take the product once per day. For best results, we recommend taking Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine 30-45 minutes before or after meals.

To Deal With Cravings: Take the product twice daily, preferably an hour before or after lunch and before dinner. Mix 5 gr (approximately one scoop) with 200-300 ml of water (or as directed by your healthcare professional).

To Boost Weight Loss: For optimal results, take our product as soon as you wake up and before breakfast. Mix 10 gr (approximately two scoops) with 400-500 ml of water (or as directed by your healthcare professional).

IMPORTANT: Do NOT mix Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine with liquids or food except water.

What are the ingredients in this formula?

This formula contains an ultra-fine, pure and free form of L-Glutamine specifically formulated for high absorption and bioavailability.

Where is the formula produced?

The Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine is produced in small batches to maintain ultra high-quality levels in an FDA and International Standards 9001 Certified audited facility in the USA.

How does the formula taste?

Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine doesn't have a particular taste, so it mixes well with filtered water.

Can I use this with other products?

Yes! To obtain the best results and regain your gut health, you should take Ultra-Absorb™ L-Glutamine together with our Prebiotic Collagen Protein. Here are some directions on how to take them together:

  1. Mix L-Glutamine with 200-300 ml of water first thing in the morning, before having breakfast.
  2. Then, take one scoop (15 gr) of Prebiotic Collagen Protein together with your breakfast (or immediately after).

Is this product Vegan?

Yes, our Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine is vegan-friendly! With the exception of Deep Sleep Mode and Prebiotic Collagen Protein, all the rest of our products are completely vegan.

What is the best time of day to take this product?

To deal with leaky gut, IBS and other digestive symptoms, we recommend taking it 30-45 minutes before or after meals.

To deal with cravings, take it preferably an hour before or after lunch and before dinner.

To boost weight loss, take our product as soon as you wake up and before breakfast.

Can I use this supplement if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although all of our products are natural supplements, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional beforehand. As we're not doctors, we're unable to make recommendations while trying to conceive, during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

Can it be used by children?

Although our products are all natural supplements, we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional for children under the age of 18 - just to be sure.

Where should I store this product?

Make sure to place Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine in a cool, dry place to preserve the supplement.

Are there any side effects?

This supplement is specifically designed to be safe and gentle. Unfortunately, in some rare cases, an unpredictable reaction may happen. Please consult with your healthcare professional so they can assess the possibility of an allergy or intolerance to a specific ingredient.

How long does the jar last?

Our jar represents between 4-6 weeks supply (with 5-10 gr serving size).

Why choose this product over others?

Our Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine formula has been carefully designed by health specialists to produce the best results in the safest way, using completely natural ingredients in their right dosage. All of our products have been tested for purity and quality to ensure you recover your gut health in the shortest time!

Product Disclaimers and Medical Information

Warning. Adults only. Not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you experience any symptoms, please contact your doctor or healthcare professional. If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, under the age of 18 or taking medication, consult with your healthcare professional before use. Store below 77°F and keep it away from direct sunlight. Do not use it if the cap seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.

While L-Glutamine supplementation is considered safe for most people, there are people with specific health conditions that should avoid it. If you have a kidney disease, liver disease or Reye's syndrome, or any severe condition, you should avoid taking L-Glutamine supplements without consulting with your doctor first.


This product comes with a 60-day guarantee that applies to the one jar- one month supply. Click here to know more.

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