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The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol

  • Supports healthy weight management and positive lifestyle transformation

  • Can reinvigorate energy stores and activity levels

  • Aids in reclaiming a radiant and youthful appearance

  • Enhances overall wellness and immunity

  • Helps improve sleep quality - resulting in restorative rest and rejuvenated mornings

Conquer Your Goals… With CONFIDENCE

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Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Weight Management

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol does not rely on “quick fixes” to see unsustainable progress. Instead, it provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the internal and external aspects of healthy weight management.

Feel the Full Recharge of Your Battery Every Morning

Get ready for the natural surge of vitality that comes every morning after nourishing your system and getting a restorative good night’s rest.

Supports Healthy Eating Habits 

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol helps establish balanced eating patterns.. empowering individuals to make healthier food choices and feel satisfied throughout the day while burning fat more efficiently.

Natural Ingredients

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Before and After Stories Directly From Our Customers

14 days in on The Ultimate Weightloss ...

14 days in on The Ultimate Weightloss ...

the solution

I have almost finished the 3 months, I sleep so much better, my skin is calm again, my skin has a nice glow, and I lost 5 kilo's without a diet.

2-3kgs gone in 13days!

i didnt know that it was achievable to lose as fast as 13days until i tried the product. No sugar cravings, no hard diet, just as my usual routine. no exercise no diet modification! its amazing!


I'm really amazed by what happens in my gut and belly. Sometimes weird but the effect is a flatter belly and the feeling of less weight. Eager to see what else will happen since I have only started the program.

Feeling lighter

I'm almost on month 3 and feeling much lighter. I've lost 2-3 kilos which I'm very happy about. I felt I had hormonal bloat for over 10days each month and couldn't do anything about it. Will definitely re-order

Ultimate weight loss

Great products, all tasted fine with water and felt better each day taking it. Have lost stubborn kgs on this product. More energy, less cravings for sugar and weight loss fantastic. Great product!


Very happy with the products! I notice a difference in my appetite (less!), my energy improved and my hot flashes are less. So overall: great!

2 weeks in and feel a positive difference

I'm only 2 weeks into this but already feeling like a new person, well actually feeling like my younger self! I've

Love it

Love this product! Nothing else I've tried works! Lost 5kg in 3 weeks...now my daughter on it too...worth a try

MoneyVery Well Spent

Within 2 weeks I felt so much better. More energy, slept well, fatigue lessened, but most importantly my gut

The Health Benefits Of The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol

What It Does and How It Does It

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol is a 3-month, 5-product system intentionally designed to help support a healthy weight management journey, curb cravings, and boost vitality .

This protocol lays the groundwork for a true, long term lifestyle change and improved overall health. Consider it a strong foundation for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol was built with your daily life in mind. It is meant to integrate seamlessly into your regular, daily routine by introducing the right elements at the right time over the 3-month journey.

Month One:

Bloat Banisher

 Promotes relief from bloating and digestive discomfort.

Bloat Banisher should be taken right before eating your main meals of the day. Simply take 3 capsules and just wait for the magic to begin!

Deep Sleep Mode 

 Supports mood and restful sleep.

Deep Sleep Mode is best taken approximately 90-minutes before you plan to go to bed. Just take 3 capsules with a glass of water and then go on with your day! This will provide the maximum support for your upcoming night’s rest.

Month Two:

Hormone Harmony 

Helps to restore balance to your hormones which can increase gut function and overall wellness.

Hormone Harmony is best taken in the morning so you can feel the effects all day long. Simply take 3 capsules with a glass of water soon after waking up. That’s it!

Month Three:

Happy Hair

Helps the nutrients from your food better nourish your body instead of being flushed out or turned into fat.

Just take 3 capsules in the morning along with a glass of water - either before or after breakfast (your preference!) and get started with your day.

Complete Gut Repair

Works to optimize gut function and health while eliminating the cravings affecting your lifestyle.

All you need is one scoop daily mixed in a tall glass of the beverage of your choice (water, coconut/nut/macadamia milk, or even a smoothie) at whatever time of day works best for you.

If you participate in physical activity, we recommend doubling up to 2 scoops, which will assist with muscle recovery.

*Easy to Understand Summarized Scientific Studies*

The Science Behind The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol

Amylase is traditionally used to decrease abdominal bloating.*

Aquamin’s plant-sourced calcium helps build stronger hair, nails, bones and joints in women suffering from hormonal imbalances - especially during perimenopause and menopause.*

Marine Mineral Complex is a natural source of essential minerals - vital to maintain overall health.*

Gelatinized Maca Root promotes healthy hormone levels and general well-being.*

Marshmallow Root supports healthy digestion.*

Broccoli Sprouts Extract supports the body’s natural detoxification process*

With its calming properties, Lemon Balm Extract works to alleviate digestive discomfort and cramping, promoting smooth digestion and offering relief from gastrointestinal issues.*

Magnesium Citrate is used to improve sleep quality

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You'll Also Get: 

1. Weekly Healthy Food Additions

Incorporating ONE additional healthy food item into your weekly menu to naturally, effortlessly improve your diet + total well being - all while reducing cravings

2. 30 Tasty Recipes

Easy-to-prepare and totally flavorful recipes that support healthy weight management, boosted energy and overall health and happiness.

3. Guided Resources to Support You on Your Journey

Everything you might want to know on how to have the most transformational 3-month journey with The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol including videos, documents, and guidance.

BONUS: Weight Management Mindset Course

Making long-lasting lifestyle changes aren’t all action. This course will get your mind in the right place - making the entire experience easier and more fulfilling. 

Pioneering World-Leading Quality Standards & Testing

Gut Friendly Certified

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol is free from the established 69 known gut irritants.

Heavy Metal Tested

Know with absolute confidence all ingredients have been examined for Heavy Metals using world class testing methods.

Free From Artificial Additives

Free from artificial fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, binding agents and other additives your body doesn’t need.

Which Version Do You Prefer?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol comes in two versions:

1. The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol

A basic protocol just with the 5 natural formulas 

Intentionally Designed for: For women who want to be an active participant in their own healthy weight management and feel great every day.

2. The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol PRO

The full protocol with 5 formulas, recipes, and all the other resources

Intentionally Designed for:  Women who are ready to take control of their weight management in the shortest possible time… And who want to transform their entire lives, boost their energy, ignite confidence and feel their absolute best.

Choose Your Version Below And Click The “Order Now” Button To Start Your Amazing Weight Loss Journey With The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol:


The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol PRO 


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The Full Protocol With 5 Formulas, Recipes, And All The Other Resources

5 Natural Formulas

60 Fast And Easy To Prepare Recipes

The List Of Healthy Foods To Add To Your Routine

Videos, Checklists And Documents That Guide You Through The Protocol

BONUS: The Weight Loss Mindset Module


90-Day Money Back Guarantee 


The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 


Or 4 payments of $42.49 withafterPay


The 5 Happy Mammoth Formulas Without The Other Resources

5 Natural Formulas


90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 


or 4 payments of $42.99 withafterPay


The 5 Happy Mammoth Formulas Without The Other Resources

5 Natural Formulas

60 Fast And Easy To Prepare Recipes

The List Of Healthy Foods To Add To Your Routine 

Videos, Checklists And Documents That Guide You Through The Protocol

BONUS: The Weight Loss Mindset Module


You Save : 12%

90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products in this formula?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol is made of Bloat Banisher, Deep Sleep Mode, Hormone Harmony, Happy Hair, and Complete Gut Repair

  • Bloat Banisher promotes relief from bloating, digestive discomfort, and hormonal imbalance. 

  • Deep Sleep Mode supports mood and restful sleep  

  • Hormone Harmony restores balance to your hormones which increases gut function and overall wellness

  • Happy Hair helps the nutrients from your food better nourish your body instead of being flushed out or turned into fat.

  • Complete Gut Repair works to optimize gut function and health while eliminating the cravings affecting your lifestyle.

How do I use these products?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol comes with easy step-by-step instructions that our nutritionists have created specifically so anyone can get fast and long-lasting results, and enjoy the journey.

These instructions show exactly how to take each of these formulas, in what order, and for how long… Plus, how to follow your easy protocol.

This way, you can eliminate the guesswork and unnecessary effort that can lead to less-than-ideal results.

How do the formulas taste?

Bloat Banisher, Hormone Harmony, Happy Hair and Deep Sleep Mode are packed into plant-based capsules that have no taste, Complete Gut Repair has a delicious vanilla bean flavor that dissolves well into any cold liquid or mixed with yogurt.

Where are the formulas produced?

All three products are produced in small batches to maintain ultra high-quality levels in an FDA and International Standards 9001 Certified audited facility in the USA.

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